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* Please peruse the following about our privacy policy

My Design with the most rigorous way to protect the user's privacy, and therefore developed a Privacy Policy. Please peruse the following about our privacy policy.
You can definitely know when you use multiple myDesign Online services we handle your personal information policies and principles, as well as collect the scope and purpose of use. This statement may be changed at any time, periodically queries. The Company will make the contents of this statement and according to the law to protect your privacy on your personal information.

* Information collection and use

myDesign Onlinecollected personal information?
myDesign Online collect personal information in several ways from different parts of the site, please read the following instructions.
If you do not wish to provide personal information or disagree with this statement, please immediately stop using the services provided myDesign Online.
If you provide personal information to the myDesign Online, you agree with this statement.

* myDesign Onlineusers personal data collected points nonpublic information and openness of information in two ways:

Nonpublic information:
(1)Member Registration:
When you register to become 「myDesign Online members,myDesign Online will ask you to provide your personal information,
Including name, gender, nationality, date of birth, e-mail, ID number, contact the privacy of the data address, telephone, account numbers, passwords, and other professional and personal interests. These actions in order to complete your order procedure at any time to view the order situation, in order to provide a more friendly and personal service for the processing of your personal textbook orders, we hope you will be able to provide detailed and accurate information. The latter registered, you get a 「myDesign Online users」 member account, and made full use of the account provided by all Member myDesign Online service. Please appropriate confidentiality of your password and personal information network, not to any personal information, especially network password to anyone, to protect your data safe.

(2)online activities:
When you participate in the online activities organized myDesign Online inquiries,we will ask you to provide your name, ID number, telephone, and e-mail address and other private information.

Openness Information:
(1)General Views:
Overall assessment for the traffic of each page, the user enters the path myDesign Onlinend other information, we will keep a record of when you browse the Internet, the server has generated its own, including your IP address use of wiring devices, usage time, browser, click Browse and data records.
If you write a letter Contacts myDesign Online, or respond to your comments skype online, we'll save your chats.

* Special Note:

(1)This statement does not include the protection of users of "general information."
(2)If personal information you provide for any errors, incorrect circumstances are also not protected this statement.

Information sharing and open manner
 (1)The Company will not disclose or any sale, exchange, or transfer your your personally identifiable information to any non-public information to a third party, unless prescribed by law or with your consent
 (2)under the following circumstances, the Company will provide your personally identifiable information to government agencies, other persons or companies:
  a.shared with other persons or companies to obtain information prior to your consent.
  b. need to share your information with other persons or companies to be able to provide products or services you have requested.
  c.shall comply with the requirements of the Act or government agencies
  d.We find that your actions on the site in violation of the terms of myDesign Online services or products, the use of specific guidelines and services.

* myDesign Online for the user profile update statement?

(1)You can change the power of personal myDesign Online update account information at any time, including accepting myDesign Onlineto inform you that the decision of special events or new products. myDesign Online security for users' personal data and online transactions statement.
(2)To protect your privacy and security, your myDesign Online account information will be password protected.myDesign Online will make every effort to ensure that stored in the system security. Since the Internet data transmission can not guarantee one hundred percent security, while we strive to protect your personal information secure, ensure that you are still unable to send or receive data security. This risk is not within the responsibility of the myDesign Online undertaken.
(3)In some cases myDesign Online uses industry-standard SSL encryption certificate security, protect the security of information transmitted so in shopping process, all the data are in a confidential state, so online shopping is safe and secure.

Opinions and Suggestions
If you have any views and suggestions, please write mail to our Customer Service to tell us. We will be described.