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 myDesign Online under the terms of the services provided by the myDesign Online editing software,production of printed books related to digital content by customers of myDesign Oline commissioned the printing service. When you use this service, it means that you have read, understood and agree to all the contents of this book of contracts. myDesign Oline reserves the right at any time to modify or change the contents of the book of this contract, you pay attention to such modifications or changes, and prior to each use of the Service, read this book contract. Your continued use after any modifications or changes to this service is deemed that you have read, understood and agree to the lease. If you disagree with the contents of this book contract, or the country or region you belong to exclude all or part of the contents of the Terms of Service, please immediately stop using the service.

If you are outside under the age of twenty, it shall comply with the above requirements, and shall your parent (or guardian) to read, understand and agree to all the terms of the contents of this service after its subsequent amendments to change party may use or continue to use the service. When you use or continue to use this service, you are deemed to parents (or guardians) have read, understood and agree to all the terms of the contents of this service and its subsequent amendments to change.

* Service availability

myDesign Oline will do everything possible and reasonable efforts to provide your production data (files) in the transmission process of stability and security. But myDesign Oline can not guarantee that the web does not occur in the transmission interruption or error, or from malicious attacks, including but not limited to, viruses, denial of service, worms, Trojan horses or any attack against malicious form. Please make yourself properly save data stored in your computer. myDesign Oline reserves the right at any point in time, without notice at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently providing the Services (or any portion thereof). When you agree that the book contract, myDesign Oline is entitled to determine the reasonableness of your normal use of the Service. When myDesign Oline believes that you have violated the terms of the letter and spirit of the contract, myDesign Oline is entitled to drive it to stop, cancel your eligibility and continued at any time terminate the service without notifying you in advance in writing or other form.

* The establishment of the commission terms

Through this software, users must make and complete the purchase after the book party this contract to be established.

* Complete order of the commission and canceled

(a)the user must confirm the self-produced content is correct, incorrect in any of the original information provided, misuse or poor quality (including, but not limited to, lack of production data resolution) does not cover defects within the warranty.
(b)the user must confirm print article recipient address is correct, such as the address fill in error caused the load to return separately mailing cost borne by the users themselves.
(c)the user must confirm the Invoice and recipient address is correct, such as the address fill in error caused the load to return separately mailing cost borne by the users themselves.
(d)the user must complete the payment sum commissioned orders based on instructions of the cost of the payment method and amount.
(e)the user must be uploaded to the web manner commissioned data transmission to the designated server.
Once the user has finished commissioned the purchase process, the follow-up of all production, processing and distribution are automated and can not be canceled midway. User before completing commissioned data transmission, can be terminated at any time delegate. Therefore in, after the completion of the commission, the order can not be canceled and refunded.

* Commissioned

myDesign Oline is based to provide you with pictures and fonts through this software to edit, produce and took the production printing products. Its template, style should prevail embedded software. And in accordance with the myDesign Online for the production of the standard set forth in the specification.

* Defect Guarantee and Limited Warranty

We uphold the people-oriented, customer-oriented business philosophy to serve customers. Such as stapling error, missing pages, missing cut, offset printing and other circumstances not attributable to myDesign Oline, please use your digital camera to take the case of a defect arises, and by way of e-mail sent to this additional attachments myDesign Oline's customer service mailbox, and immediately contact customer service. We will immediately re-create your free copy of the same size with the same content of the printed products after receiving defective. In addition to the above-mentioned defects warranty myDesign Oline agreed to conduct quality assurance printed products, myDesign Oline assumes responsibility for other assurance.

* Defect Guarantee and Limited Warranty

Each product belong to individual customized order, the Department of goods produced in high volumes, so the service does not provide online shopping seven days Appreciation of the service. Consumers via their own choreography, confirm finalized, have read the Terms of Service, and under the single payment after agreeing to complete the purchase process, can not be arbitrarily cancel the order if myDesign Oline deems inappropriate, or cause myDesign Oline to suffer damage, depending on the circumstances of myDesign Oline refused to continue trading, cancellation of orders related to costs incurred (such as fees, etc.) to be borne by consumers themselves.
The production of the required service time is about seven - ten working days (excluding shipping time), when you are finished commissioned and paid for the order, you can enter the site on myDesign Online your order number to check your order status. As a result of natural disasters, wars or other force majeure factors leading to production and shipping delays, any liability of myDesign Oline without the burden.

* Production data limit

All of which make use of the information and picture material (including, but not limited to, images, text) We are not infringed upon the copyright, image rights, privacy and all other proprietary rights belong. Also no content that violates moral standards or social conflict with the law or with the ROC in your area, the state of the law has been inconsistent content, please be sure to confirm your details, then do the production. If a third party when a claim and litigation, you should bear all legal responsibilities. myDesign Oline also will be the losses caused to you and prosecution request for compensation.

* Applicable law and the jurisdiction of the Court

The commission contract matters not in accordance with the Republic of China shall be governed by the laws, book the suit as a result of this contract, Taiwan Hsinchu District Court for the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.